We have just released "The Vampires Songbook", a collection of 29 pieces written for this band by Jeremy & Nick. 


The books are $35 each and you can order them via our Bandcamp page.

If you have any questions or would like to use a different payment method (for example, a school) please contact Jeremy

About the Books

The "C instruments" book has concert lead sheet including bass lines, so these are effectively rhythm section parts. 

The transposed books are written for horn players so there are no bass lines but there are two horn parts, for us this means trumpet and saxophone/woodwinds (Jeremy has played alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet and bass clarinet in this band). The music could be played by any two or more horns.  

We have produced these books in response to many requests over the years from students looking for a Vampires chart. These are the charts we use to learn these pieces, they have not been 'simplified' but we did spent time editing, changing things that have evolved since the piece was first written, and making the arrangements as clear as possible. Most charts are two pages, some are one or three pages.

The book is available for:

- C Instruments  

- Eb instruments  / alto saxophone

- Bb trumpet / clarinet  

- Bb tenor saxophone  

- Bass clef  / trombone 

The two Bb books have the same notes but the register has been changed to make the charts more suitable for different Bb instruments.

Books can be purchased through our bandcamp page:


The full set of songbooks. Photo by Eric Dunan. 

The full set of songbooks. Photo by Eric Dunan.