Reviews of "The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke"

We have had some reviews of "The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke" from around the world.

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"If jazz music is about continuously reinventing and staying on your toes, then 'The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke' is a phenomenal jazz record by a worldly, talented, and newly minted five-piece band." ****  Chris Tart (Downbeat) Read more

“Seductive, genre-hopping creativity: The references embrace reggae, classic Cuban son, high life, pre-electric Miles Davis and hints of Blue Note soul-jazz or Henri Texier’s cinematically scene-setting music, but Loueke’s openness to any destination he’s arrived at prevents it from becoming generic." ****  John Fordham (The Guardian) Read more 

"The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke’is a meeting of many things inspirations, approach, attitude and musical vision. But the glue that binds this fortuitous meeting is respect. You can hear it." John Hardaker ( Read more 

"This was the perfect summer record that pulled off the trick of being both an ambient soundtrack to life on the move while remaining capable of standing up to concentrated home listening." Phil Barnes (All About Jazz) Read more 

"The music is chock full of irrepressible joy, a commodity in short supply these days." ****  Mark Corroto (All About Jazz) Read more 


"What is surprising is the way in which the band and their guest merge so seamlessly in ways that make each track complete and convincing.  All in all a delightful experience." Chris Baber (Jazz Views) Read more

"Loueke’s textured vocal humming and ringing guitar lines, sometimes rhythmic, other times melodic, blend seamlessly with the antipodeans’ multi-genre palette while also steering its direction." ****  Jane Cornwall (Evening Standard, UK) Read more

This is a highly successful first-time collaboration featuring standout tracks Green, Green, Green and the very laid back Ubud Bubble..." ****  Barry O'Sullivan (Jazz and Beyond) Read more 

"Wäre Zeit eine Flüssigkeit, die Vampires hätten sie hier adäquat in Klang und Rhythmus beschreiben. Gerade im Zusammenspiel mit Loueke wird die Musik im besten Sinne global, aber sie ist in ihrer Beiläufigkeit auch so herrlich unprätentiös, dass sie gar keener Beschreibungen bedarf. Sie ist einfach da." Wolf Kampmann (Jazzthetik)

"This disc is highly recommended, and should start your Vampires collection." John Clare (The Music Trust) wrote: Read more