Pacifca reviews

Pacifca reviews

Written and improvised melodies are beautiful and flawless, and the harmonies between the three voices ring with pitch-perfect sonority. There is a sublime pacing to each of the tunes here, with strategic shifts in texture, tonality, tonality, rhythm or intensity twisting the narrative of each hypnotic groove into an ever-unfolding and irresistible arc. **** Gary Fukushima, Downbeat, 4 stars

"This is such a good album that it's difficult to know which superlatives to start with.... This is state-of-the-art modern jazz at the highest level.” Eric Myers, The Australian (4 1/2 stars)

“simpler nature, yet equally expressive soundscapes… reminiscent of the fusion 'milestone' Bitches Brew.” Freidrich Kunzman, 4 stars

“Not only is the composing and improvising exceptional, it’s the Vampires’ best-recorded album, too… carrying faint (and thrilling) echoes of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.” John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald 4 stars

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